[ Announcement ] About PMD musics, I can’t support,sorry.

Thank You for massage from many countries.

I’ve received many massage and I really moved!

I’m reading all message.
Please be patient.
I will respond to message in the order in which they were received.

About PMD musics and me

*My English is poor…sorry.

Sometimes I’ve received messages about PMD music.

I can’t use PMD music,because of licence agreement.
(( For example,sell,remake,remaster,and so on.))

In Japan,company has Game Sound’s licences by cultural practice.
I can’t use,sell,and support these musics,and I can’t reply to questions about these musics.

I hope you will understand my situation.

About PMD music and PMD sound track,please contact associated company.

* I contacted company but I’ve not replied,sorry. And I could not search who has these licences.

About my Original Album ( It doesn’t mean PMD music )

I’m writing songs and making an original album,but it is not PMD music.

In this context,”Original” means “made by myself”.
I will write “new” songs on my album.

I’m really moved for all your message.
I’ll keep getting better!

Best Regards.